MISS Levice Region III. Year

This year we start again! Everything is very simple, just send to Facebook Page Miss Levick├ęho okresu your name and last name, attach face and body picture (until 22.03.2016) and 23.03.2016 show up in Hotel Lev between 16:30 and 18:30 and you will see, that right from the beginning it will be fun and no stress. Just forget the stress ­čÖé

Girls who will qualify to the main event have great chance of becoming part of agency ERMcreative, which opens the door to the world of modeling!


Open Air festival Days of Originality

We are proud to say, we were addressed as co-organizers of this amazing project Open Air festival Days of Originality.

It is the first true family festival in Slovakia, where you will not lack activities of different kinds, but mainly creative, fun and unforgettable ones.

As a bonus, all the food at festival will be “gluten free”, suitable for celiacs ­čÖé


Fashion Show FeuFeu

This fashion show was just piece of art thanks to talented fashion designer ─Żudmile ┼áalingovej and her clothes designs and also thanks to our abilities to organize. We embroidered everything, exactly as ─Żudka envisioned and her individual style which we took into account.

Professionalism, precision, all-round in every direction. These are the adjectives to the name, Nikoleta Trnková. Based on her work in connection with organizing the show, I can only use superlatives. Facilitating of all of the models, spaces and equipment necessary for smooth running of the FeuFeu fashion show, everything was exactly as expected. Based on my experience with ERMcreative, I can only recommend her work.

─Żudmila ┼áalingov├í FeuFeu

MISS Levice Region

Organizing MISS is our speciality, our hobby. MISS Levice region is created from the beginning to the end. We co-operate with teams of professionals as photographers, makeup artists, hairstyle artists, coaches and also mental coach, who prepares finalists for the tough final night.


MISS Levice region was organized by agency ERMcreative for the second time. First and also second year was very successful and professionally organized. Once was this contest organized by the City of Levice, but because of the demands, either time consumption or overall weighty (preparations last several months and include the training of the finalists) the city has discontinued this tradition. ERMcreative agency after a pause of several years has undertaken the initative to restore this tradition, for which we thank them very much.

Levice Mayor, Ing. Štefan Mišák